Emre Deniz

Emre Deniz is a multi-award winning Game and Studio Director based in Australia, having founded the internationally acclaimed Earthlight franchise as well as one of Australia’s leading VR/MR/AR technology studios, Opaque Space.
He is internationally recognised for his work in Virtual and Mixed Reality, having been previously named by MCV Pacific 30 Under 30 award list as ‘one of the most influential figures in VR in Australia’.
Emre has since appeared as an industry expert alongside NASA, the US Navy, McLaren, Boeing and Epic among many others to help shape the industry as it is today.
He has been an active advocate for diversity, accessibility and ethical development in VR and regularly speaks at conferences and lectures on game design, community building and development in VR.
In the past 5+ years, Emre has been involved in various VR/AR productions with clients and collaborators ranging from NASA, HTC, Epic, Microsoft, Google to domestic parties such as the Melbourne Fringe Festival, Australian Defence Force and ACMI.
In 2017 Emre founded and steered Opaque Space into forming one of the world’s first and only dedicated VR/AR astronautic technology company, signing partnerships with Boeing on the CST100 Starliner program and collaborating with NASA’s Hybrid Reality Laboratory on the implementation of assets for research into astronautical training.

My Speakers Sessions

Tuesday, October 23

11:30am AEDT

I Know Kung Fu - The State of Serious Games and Emerging Technology ROOM 207Emre Deniz

Wednesday, October 24

1:30pm AEDT